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Cincinnati Reds MLB Technology Gloves (Pair)


Cincinnati Reds MLB Technology Gloves (Pair)

$12.71 $14.95
No more enduring the cold temperatures and freezing fingers just to run your touch screen electronics! With the Technology Gloves your hands and fingertips will be protected from the cold and your electronics will still be accessible! From ATM's to Smartphone's and iPads to GPS' the Technology Gloves runs them all. With 2 conductive finger tips (thumb and index) these gloves offer easy and convenient use with any touchscreen device while keeping your entire hand and fingertips covered from the cold. Type up a text message plan a route select an ap read an ebook and more with out taking off your gloves. Ideal for use with cell phones tablets eReaders smart phones digital cameras GPS/navigation units at an ATM DVD rental kiosks gas station service screens and much more! Great for anyone from the sports enthusiast collegiate seasoned traveler and gadget guru to those who work in cold environments etc. These handy accessories are made of soft cotton jersey knit

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