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Right Hand Throw Hoboken Collection Baseball Glove (H1932)


Right Hand Throw Hoboken Collection Baseball Glove (H1932)

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Aint that a Dazzy? A replica of the Ken-Wel Pro 560 used by Brooklyn's Dazzy Vance. The Ken-Wel Dazzy Vance 1920's and 1930's gloves were the most innovative designs of their time and considered to be the first modern baseball gloves. The Ken-Wel Vance Glove features are now found on all of today's baseball gloves. Try to find a baseball glove today without lacing through the fingers or welting (the stitching up the middle of each finger found on the back of the glove). You cannot. In the 1920's most players and manufacturers believed that fingers bound by string would constrict play not assist it. The acceptance of the laced glove wouldn't happen until the late 1940's and early 1950's when the Ken-Wel patent expired other manufacturers copied it and a new generation of players embraced the concept. Display in your sports collection or on your office desk. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Right Throw Only

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